Shoreline Docks

“Shoreline Docks are the lowest prices standing and wheel-in docks in the industry”

The Shoreline Dock is the worry-free way to get your family out on the water and having fun. The unique design of the Shoreline Dock’s aluminum structure is safe and stable so it can handle everything your family throws at it. Go for a natural look with cedar top decking, or let the sunshine in with Titan maintenance-free decking. The choice is yours.

Your friends and neighbors will admire the beauty of your Shoreline Dock while you’ll admire the worry-free times you and your family have spent on it. When you need a great looking, low-cost dock, say “no thank-you” to ordinary low end truss docks, and say hello to the worry-free Shoreline Dock.

The Shoreline Dock from Shoreline Industries is the perfect budget dock! Designed to be super light-weight, each 4′ x 10′ aluminum frame weighs just 36 pounds! This dock is also super tough. The unique interior cross bracing provides superb torsional rigidity and each frame is welded to make installation and durability easy and long lasting!

Shoreline offers two Vertical lifts to meet your budget needs!

3000 lbs capacity by 9′ wide boat lift
4000 lbs capacity by 10′ wide boat/pontoon lift.

Shoreline vertical lifts are offered in 3000lbs capacity 9′ and 4000lbs capacity 10′ wide.

Shoreline Lifts

You need a safe, durable boat lift to protect your boat. You also know how important it is to save money. Shoreline Cantilever Boat Lifts give you just what you need, a safe, durable and trouble-free cantilever boat lift system that won’t break the bank. When choosing a boat lift, consider the Shoreline Cantilever lineup first and last, you’ll be glad you did!

Shoreline cantilever boat lifts can be outfitted with a canopy frame and your choice of a gray or green vinyl cover, all at an extremely affordable price!

1055 SL1000lbs55"63"N/A
1284 SL1200lbs84"92"N/A
2096 SL2000lbs96"108"22' x 96"
25108 SL2500lbs108"120"22' x 108"
25120 SL2500lbs120"132"24' x 120"

Shoreline cantilever boat and PWC lifts are equipped and ready to protect your boat. Our cantilever boat lifts utilize an inherent mechanical advantage that make them progressively easier to operate as you raise the lift this saves you time and strain on your back and arms.

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