Pelican Rapids

Donavan Rasmusson started working for a company called ShoreMaster in 1985 that manufactured waterfront equipment for dealers nationwide. Donavan’s job positions started as a welder, promoted to plant manager and took the opportunity to be the Southwest Regional Sales Manager from 1992-1994. Donavan and his wife, Renae lived in the Dallas, TX area during this career endeavor. Their son, Jordan was born in 1993. They sometimes traveled the southwest states together on business trips.
Then a job position for the Midwest Regional Sales Manager opened up and Donavan was transferred back to the headquarters in Fergus Falls, MN in 1994. Donavan needed a ShoreMaster dealer in the local area. Donavan was able to set up his brother, Jeff to start Lake Area Docks & Lifts that retailed ShoreMaster product. The very first establishment was located in their uncle’s ditch with a display of boat lifts and docks on Hwy 59 near Pelican Rapids, MN. They purchased some land north of the Pelican Rapids city limits and built a store in 1995. Donavan and Jeff worked at the store during the summer months and then during the off-season worked for ShoreMaster as Regional Sales Managers. Renae trained herself to do the accounting duties for the new business. Plus, another new addition to the family was a baby girl, Brianna that arrived to Donavan and Renae that same year. To compete with other dock manufacturers that built a less expensive product, Donavan started welding docks in a shop on the home property after store hours in 1996. The name of the product is called LA Docks that are sold to customers.
Donavan resigned from ShoreMaster in 1998 to focus full-time at Lake Area Docks & Lifts. His vision was to expand and grow the business.
Then in 2000, the Battle Lake store on Hwy 210 West was established. Dale Graff currently manages that store location.
Donavan has 28+ years of experience and knowledge in the waterfront equipment business that will benefit your needs

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