Battle Lake

Dale Family Pic

Dale Graff grew up enjoying the lakes in the Minneapolis area. Dale’s first memory of lakes was when he lived in North Minneapolis and went to Lake Calhoun. In high school, his family moved to the suburbs where he learned to really enjoy the lakes like Medicine, Weaver and Lake Minnetonka. He went to college in Bemidji where his love of the lakes grew. After college, Dale worked for Xerox and MCI. These companies took him to Missouri, where he enjoyed reservoir lakes and Colorado. He learned their rivers and Florida where the ocean was his home. In 2001, Dale and his son moved back to his home state, Minnesota and to the true lake country, the Ottertail Lake area working for ShoreMaster for 9 years. In 2010, Dale left ShoreMaster to work with their largest Minnesota dealer, Lake Area Docks & Lifts.
“I have always loved the water. I used to work to enjoy the water, now my work if you could call it work is on the water. I even live on a lake. Life is good!”
Dale Graff

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